PRE-ORDER Moterm Luxe 2.0 Rings Planner - A6 (Vegetable Tanned Leather)

Hi, Moterm friends,

We are going to start a pre-order event for Moterm Luxe 2.0 Rings Planner - A6 (Vegetable Tanned Leather) before we start its first production. Unlike in the past, this time AliExpress can also conduct pre-order events directly (the AliExpress platform has newly released this function). So we start and accept pre-orders simultaneously on both platforms. Below are their pre-order links:

Official website:


When can I place a pre-order?

This pre-order event will end on October 8, 24:00 Pacific Time. You can only make pre-order from now on and before the event end.

When do you start shipping?

The production time is approximately 50 day. We will ship your order as soon as all production work is completed. For this product, we estimate that the start of shipping will be at the beginning of December.

Can I cancel after pre-ordering?

You can cancel the pre-order before October 8, 24:00 Pacific Time. After that, we reserve the right to reject your cancellation requests as we have scheduled production for your pre-order.

What is pre-order event?

Due to moterm's limited productivity, we can only make small quantities at a time. But it's hard to know in advance what products people will buy. So we often run into a dilemma that the color you like is sold out but there are other colors left, or the item you want to buy is out of stock but there are still plenty of other products in stock.

But the pre-order event solves this dilemma. It helps you no longer have to be on time to rush to buy your favorite color, and also help moterm to determine the production quantity and the percentage of each color. We will decide how many quantities to produce based on the pre-order data.

We usually reserve 10 days for people to make pre-order. The production for each product is expected to take approximately 50 days, which is caculated from the end of pre-order event. We will ship as soon as all production work is completed. Kindly hope you will be patient.

Additionlly, due to VAT restricted problem, customers from UK, Norway, Switzerland and all EU countries can't shop on You are asked to purchase from AliExpress because it can automatically calculate and collect VAT duties for your order and pay it to customs on your behalf if your order amount is less than 150 EUR or 135 GBP. So if possible please place a separate order for each color you want.

Last but importantly, please know that pre-ordering limit one per color per customer. Thank you all for your understanding and support.


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