About Us

Founded in 2016, Moterm is a self-produced brand company with leather planners and their accesorries, which relentlessly builds amazing products with honest prices and superior quality to let everyone enjoy a better life.

We are experienced in leathergoods production because we have been running a leathergoods factory for over 10 years before founding the brand.

The team consists of Eugene Cheuk (general manager & sales), Xiaojin Cai and Celine Lin (marketing & communication) , Ellie Tea (Social marketing), Yuyuan Ma (amazon manager), Ginny Li (orders & communication), Mingsheng Luo (in-house photographer), Eason Cheuk (general manager & production manager), Jun Ding (chief master & designer), Zeqin Lin (purchasing manager) and Xiaojie Gong (warehouse manager) and also many various production masters and employees in charge of different production processes.